10 Reasons Why You Should Join the Green Movement…

  1. Further your career – If this is something you are passionate about, then become an expert or attain a credential.  In the area of sustainability, there is a void with regard to experts.  You have an opportunity to fill that void.  If you are in Real Estate, Engineering, Architecture, Construction or Law – I suggest you start here – LEED Green Associate.
  2. Gain a competitive advantage in your industry - Every business is looking for an edge. Green could quite possibly be that competitive advantage your business is looking for.  Whether it is marketability or profitability, green can help your bottom line.  Interface Flor has made it part of their culture and it helps them to stand out amongst competition.
  3. Help the environment – The environment needs us now more than ever.  We have been heading down a treachorous path for centuries and we have become a wasteful society.  We need to change our habits and begin living as if nothing were disposable.
  4. Help future generations – We have limited resources which are rapidly running out:  Fossil Fuels, Land, Water, Trees.  Sustainability is all about the responsible use of what resources we have left.  My goal is for our great-grandchildren to have plenty of each when they grow up.
  5. Gain a sense of purpose – Let’s face it, when people join forces to propel an issue larger than themselves, it can be immensely powerful.  The earth is an amazing place… let’s keep it that way.
  6. Be cool & cutting edge – Green products and technologies are emerging every day.  Connecting with others who are interested in sustainability will ensure that you remain ahead of the curve when it comes to these technologies and their implementation.  Not to mention you may be able to invent your very own green product or technology.
  7. Expand your mind – If you take the time to read and study about environmental related issues, you will be astounded by what you learn and the people which you come across.  Their passion and yearning for knowledge is contageous and it helps you to expand your mind and your outlook on life.
  8. Be a leader – As far as history is concerned.  We are currently at a crossroads… For centuries we have taken from the environment through the use and consumption of materials.  It is time for us to reverse that cycle and begin a more regenerative cycle of living.  One where we give back more than we consume.  You can be a pioneer with this way of thinking/living.
  9. Give back – In order for the green movement to continue, one must teach others what they have learned.  There are several schools and communities out there who would love to hear about ways that they can have a positive impact.  Take what you learn and give back.
  10. Live Healthier – By understanding the products we consume and digging a little deeper,  we can make smarter and healthier decisions.  Check out this great website to help us evaluate various products: http://www.goodguide.com/


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